The first time I visited the Oktoberfest was in 2012 and visiting this world’s biggest folk festival makes someone feel quite overwhelmed.

The 5th season, as it is lovingly called by the locals, carries a special time with it. The first day, when you find everything to be in virgin like conditions, makes your heart beat faster. It simply invites you to indulge. You feel that nothing can harm you. You are part of a common search, which leads the people that come here to celebrate a drinking culture with equal seriousness and silliness, which lets everyone be part of it. You find yourself in the midst of unleashed emotions.

The Fifth Season, is a documentation of the Oktoberfest in Munich, looking behing the scenes, embarking on a search for unusual situations, capturing intimate moments and telling a story from the viewpoint of someone who is new to this world's largest spectacle.